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  1. Exhibition view at Dome of Visions, Aug 2014

    Exhibition view at Dome of Visions, Aug 2014

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      Exhibition view at Dome of Visions, Aug 2014

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      Participants in Woods, Exhibition in the Dome of Visions 2014

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    title: WOODS

    format: site-specific responsive sound installation

    keywords: responsive environment, immersion, interaction design, poetic design, participation, sonic architecture, atmospheres, narratology (story-telling), imagined universes, DIY sensors and sensor network, DIY speakers, material explorations, prints, visual expression

    Woods is a commissioned work for the group exhibition 'Together in small spaces' by Bunkerlove festival, and was displayed in the Dome of Visions in August 2014. Curated by Agata P. Mlynczak. 

    For the installation Woods the main reference point has been set by the site and the overall theme of the above mentioned group exhibition, named Together in Small Spaces. From here I started to build up a research project, investigating the foresty environment of the dome and the notion of being together on various levels. These experiments had both a theoretical and a practical grounding – resulting in the final presentation of an immersive and participatory sound installation, which aims to imagine and inspire different and so-called imagined universes and a different kind of being. Both when being together in small spaces, but on an everyday existential level as well.

    The environment of Woods is capable of sensing its participants – these being humans, other living organisms and the current conditions of the air as well –, and inspires one to remind of networks in and the interconnectedness of nature, as well as our place as humans in it. The installation takes upon this interference and all-togetherness, and invites the participants to open up for their senses and look deeper into what is important in life. The installation attempts this via the created atmospheres and besides sonic design it applies non-linear narratology to engage in a more detailed experience.



    Materials and technology:

    2 small bone conductor transducers (speakers), computer [running MaxMSP], DIY sensors, Arduino microcontroller, Xbee radio chips, small electronic components, battery, cables, acrylic plates and other transparent materials, aluminium sheets, metal poppers, glue, fishing wire, conductive ink


    screen printing and other printing techniques, lasercutting, circuit design, coding [MaxMSP, Arduino], sound design and recording, editing and mixing/mastering