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  1. Display of the installation at Teater Nordkraft

    Display of the installation at Teater Nordkraft

    title: TIME/LIFE

    keywords: responsive environment, embodied interaction, experience design, real-time, theatre, storytelling, parody, participatory design, roles, role overload, role conflict, time management, multitasking

    The project is a collaboration between and the final BA graduation project of Edit E Vizer and Sandro Masai.

    Academic supervisor: Dan Overholt

    Technical supervision and assistance for programming in MaxMSP was provided by Christian Skjødt.

    The project was exhibited in Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg, 16 May 2012 – as part of the BA graduation exhibitions at Art and Technology, Aalborg University. 

    Project site: www.timelifeproject.wordpress.com

    Video documentation:

    Time / Life is a responsive environment in a theatrical setup. The installation operates within various design fields, such as interaction design and experience design, moreover it is an experimental work for a theatrical setting. 

    The overall THEME of the project takes its starting point in the idea of the manifold and countless roles of a single individual bound to expectations from various sides, and the fact that these are no longer able to live in harmony. The project operates with this exact unsuccessful distribution of roles and sketches some of the possible outcomes and consequences in an artistic form. Concepts as multitasking and role overload appear and call for reflection.

    In this project we were aiming to create a narrative (understood as sequences of possible meanings) that strongly works around the above mentioned theme and owns parodistic characteristics on the 'outside', while these are connected to the more serious social/cultural meanings on the 'inside'. 
Direct audience participation (user input) is applied as part of the design – and forms the core of the piece and the responsive model and interactive system designed for the work. 
The Time / Life project aims for a unique multisensory experience of the users, whom are both exposed to a responsive system, interactive storytelling, the aesthetics and the physical frames of the overall piece. 

    The installation is also a cultural study in the so-called 3-in-1 user roles: operator, performer-user and spectator.

    For several videos on audience participation and the interactive system, please visit this site.

    Materials and technology:

wooden constructions, everyday objects and manipulated everyday objects

    DIY mechanical constructions

    2 networked computers

    Arduino microcontrollers

5 DIY pressure and presence sensors (metal plates, foam, resistive material, conductive fabric)

3 servo motors, LEDs

    small electronic components

soundcard, small amps, 6 speakers, 1 stereo piezo microphone


prototyping and fabricating with paper, video, sound recording and editing, breadboarding, PCB, wood working, sewing, needle felting and other DIY techniques

    coding in Arduino and MaxMSP


idea generation: brainstorm, research, mind mapping, flow writing, association methods, bodystorming, idea pitch

    other qualitative data gathering methods such as observation, Personas

    rapid prototyping, paper prototyping, DIY fabrication

    digital prototyping and fabrication: CAD, Arduino, MaxMSP

field tests / user tests: aiming for realistic settings, testing interactive system

    experience sampling: non-invasive methods as observation, video taping, interviews

    correcting errors where needed