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  1. The tilted ammunition bunker type 134 on Furreby beach

    The tilted ammunition bunker type 134 on Furreby beach

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      The tilted ammunition bunker type 134 on Furreby beach

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      User-participant w/ the interactive wearable

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      Bunker inside

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      Part of the 4-channel installation setup

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      Interactive wearable designed for the installation Tilted

    title: TILTED

    keywords: responsive environment, participatory design, interactive wearable, sound installation, site-specific, experience design

    Tilted is a commissioned work for the Bunkerlove festival, and was displayed on the 21st of July 2013, on Furreby beach.

    [Getting from A to B is a challenge sometimes. Sometimes you want to give up. Sometimes you fight yourself through it. Sometimes you just have to. Sometimes you choose it yourself. Sometimes it feels like a game.  A refreshment. Sometimes something stands in your way. Sometimes you make the greatest discoveries while doing.]

    Tilted stands for a user-dependent responsive environment, which strongly operates with both the obvious and the more hidden interconnections among the human body, the given physical space and the emerging psychological and other triggers while experiencing. The responsive / interactive system is capable of sensing and gathering site-specific data from the user-body, that will be exposed to a sonic universe created by himself, while being present and exploring the bunker. 

The user-participant is equipped with an interactive wearable device, and thereafter is sent into the bunker for an adventurous mini-voyage.

The installation is only to be experienced by active participation, and it accommodates one active participant at a time. Others are also welcome and encouraged to stay in the bunker simultaneously. 

The work Tilted is designed specifically for one of the type 134 munitions bunkers that skidded onto the beach around New Year's 2011-12, and it has been standing there tilted since.

    Materials and technology: 4 speakers, small amps, sound card, computer [running MaxMSP], sensors, Arduino microcontrollers, Xbee radio chip, battery, cables, neoprene, metal poppers, glue, conductive thread

    Fabrication: sewing and other textile techniques, circuit design, coding [MaxMSP, Arduino], sound recording, editing and mixing/mastering