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  1. Prototype


    title: REFLECT(IONS)

    format: immersive sound installation

    keywords: interaction design, design research, self intimacy, experience study and design, narratives, sonic architectures, sound atmospheres, the experience of intimate spaces, experiments

    materials / applied techniques and technology: active speakers, small sound transducers, screen prints with conductive ink on transparent plexiglas, small circle-shaped aluminium plates, transparent speaker wires, cables, microcontroller, computer running a program in MaxMSP for interactive system, sound card, small amplifiers, power, circle-shaped wooden plate, steel wires, mounting

    Reflect(ions) is the final presentation and material output of the overall design research project that explores self intimacy, and attempts to find possible ways of facilitating a more conscious experience of it with the methods of an artistically oriented interaction designer.

    The project looks at this immaterial phenomenon very closely. It attempts to define self intimacy as an experience. It gives examples of capturing it in form of narrative texts, drawings, experience diagrams, and establishes a library of these experience bits. Furthermore it presents a series of further experiments in order to find ways of how to put these experiences into physical form and material. 

    Reflect(ions) is a spatial installation – a space that is filled with sound, and I invite the participants to step in and explore.

    The work summarizes some of the main findings from related theory and the design experiments conducted, and serves as an example of how to materialize and facilitate self intimacy experiences.


    A short PDF presentation [incl. media links]