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  1. title: PRISON / ARTVILLE

    keywords: responsive environment, interactive installation, imprisonment, time and space, experience design

    Prison is a student collaboration of five students at Art and Technology, Aalborg University, Spring 2010. It was part of the ArtVille exhibition at Platform4 in May 2010.

    Individual role and participation in the project: concept, prototyping in vvvv, MaxMSP and Logic, fabricating [building electronics, DIY sensor, construction work, etc], sound design, performing at the exhibition [as part of the installation], individual academic report

    The concept of ArTVille is based on the understandings of the term (e)motionscape: here emotion, motion and space and their mutual relationships serve the definition of the above mentioned term. ArTVille had been created inside of Platform4, and as the titel suggests, a little village was built – seperated into different spaces: living room, bedroom, bathroom, assembly hall, office, public park, church, museum and a prison. These emotionscapes stand for various interactive installations – understood by a constellation of re-active and responsive spaces. The other main concept of the exhibition came from Lars von Trier's movie Dogville where a revolutionary and minimalistic scenography is used. Here only some lines and small texts put on the floor give the borderlines of the defined spaces – in the case of ArTVille there was white chalk used on the floor. Furthermore the amount of the objects used for scenography was set to a maximum of two – just as Dogville works with only suggested scenographic frames.

    The piece Prison examines the possible affects of imprisonment in terms of limitation of time and space, as well as a socially constructed reality. Moreover it plays along some of the associations, emotions and other inner transitions, which the defined room is capable of evoking by its re-defined and newly constructed reality of various media.

    Materials and technology:
    computer running vvvv [motion tracking, visuals]
    Playstation Eye camera [modified to IR]
    DIY switch sensor w/ Phidget microcontroller
small sound exciter
    small audio amplifier
    white fabric
    wooden construction
    chalk drawings