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  1. title: PASSAGE

    keywords: sonic architecture, responsive environment, misplacement of sound, transition zone

    Passage is a student collaboration of five students at Art and Technology, Aalborg University, Fall-Winter 2010. It was designed specifically for and was exhibited in the cultural multi-house Nordkraft in January 2011.

    Individual role and participation in the project: concept, prototyping, coding, fabricating [building electronics, construction work, etc], test and final setup, field recordings, sound editing and mixing, final design

    Passage is a so-called site-specific sonic architecture in form of an interactive system. It is an experiment between humans and environments.

    Passage is a step into the direction of an artistic-acoustic-scientific experiment towards the field of sensation and perception. Our work operates with the perception of the audience while using the passage as their everyday route from A to B. We are hoping to arise some changes in their everyday-like perception, behavior – and eventually to make them stop up during their ordinary route and explore the piece and its environment in more details. Passage operates along misplacement of sounds and other surprise elements.

    The main interest and drive of the creation is not an obvious interactive piece, which operates with one-to-one interaction – on the contrary this piece applies a more passive interaction in the sense that the users are not necessarily aware of their active participation in the system. 

    According to these characteristics:
    Passage is for everybody usage of the selected site, which should be a transition zone – as the conceptual considerations behind the work demand. This kind of world we would like to break into and play along by means of our basic perceptual understanding of both space(s) and sound. Passage is considered to be an acoustic and a spatial experience. 

    Materials and technology:
    8-channel speaker system
    8 small sound exciters on painted cardboard, soundcard, mini amps
    8 IR Sharp distance sensors
    CUI32 microcontroller
    coding in MaxMSP
    applying Vector Based Amplitude Panning (VBAP)
    site specific field recordings, sound editing and mixing [in Logic Pro]