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    title: INSIDEOUT VOL. II

    keywords:responsive environment, participatory design, bio feedback, experience design, audiovisual installation, data visualization and sonification

    InsideOut vol. II is an interactive audiovisual installation that operates with bio feedback. Moreover the work is a re-design of the previously realized real-time bio feedback performance InsideOut. 

    This new work is more an experimental user experience design – though still includes performative elements, as it demands active participation of the users.

    The project is a collaboration between the two artists Edit E Vizer [concept, circuitry, sound design, coding] and Christian Skjødt [sound design, coding].

    InsideOut vol. II focuses on human data transmissions, which is understood as the activity that takes place in the body, including the heartbeat. In this way waves are created, which under normal circumstances are not to be seen – only with some electronic measurement instruments (e.g. medical equipment). These data are processed into visual and acoustic landscapes. 

    The user is introduced to a platform that is able to make him sense the internal transmissions with other senses than usual, since the transmissions are expressed audiovisually and fill the room with a certain intimacy. Thus it is illustrated how one's inner conditions are affected and disturbed by the outside and inside and what it does to our perception of our surroundings, as well as our own individual body- and self-consciousness. Simultaneously some new ways of sensing arises at the user – something close to the very intimate and probably surprising. Getting to know the signals of our own bodies and present mental state is crucial e.g. according to various aspects in social interaction. InsideOut vol. II takes a risk and calls for a conversation with yourself – where simply being and sensing can be a totally new experience.

    Affects of the applied technology

    The user is exposed to an intimate bed-room everyday situation where by means of a pulse sensory system and a DIY e-textile sensor invisible data is caught and processed. In this situation the user is an active participant and the installation is suitable for one person at a time. Others are welcome and encouraged to be present.
The work is best experienced by having both speakers (for environmental influence) and headphones (for individual experience) playing at the same time.

    Materials and technology: 

    double bed, headphones, suit case with instructions
    DIY sensor pillow: conductive thread, steel wool, snaps, industrial felt

    stereo contact mic, speakers, tactile speaker, amp, sound card, projector, heart rate monitor belt (HRMI), Arduino Lilypad microcontroller, HRMI interface, cables
    coding in Arduino, MaxMSP

    InsideOut vol. II won the Jury's Prize at Platform4 Awards, October 2011.

The jury's statement about the winner:

    "Sometimes you meet a project that just has something inexplicable about it. Something that excites curiosity, and gives a desire to feel and explore. The feeling that it opens up. InsideOut Vol. II has it - that inexplicable thing. The twitch. InsideOut Vol. II possesses a good calm as well as many layers to explore, and one senses that a great effort has been put into the expression."


Members of Jury:

    Anna Porse Nielsen: managing director, Manto A/S, Copenhagen

Christian Liljedahl: installation artist, Illutron, Copenhagen

    Christian Have: managing director, Have PR & Kommunikation, Copenhagen

    Pia Burchardt: director, Kulturhus Aarhus, former member of The Danish Art Council

Claus Rosenstand: professor, Interactive Digital Media, Aalborg University