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  1. title: INSIDEOUT

    keywords: responsive environment, participatory design, bio feedback, experience design, audiovisual installation, data visualization and sonification, performance

    InsideOut is a real-time multimedia performance based on elementary phenomenological studies where re-acting bodies are playing together.

    The project is a collaboration among Edit E. Vizer [concept, final design, coding, performing], Christian Skjødt [sound design, coding], Sune Petersen [visuals, coding], Ida Havn [costume] and Sofie Lauritzen [project manager].

    'In this live art installation the performing body will be the focal point of a responsive environment where waves formed by the physical and psychological (furthermore the social) body will be transmitted to be the main material for an experimental play with sounds and visual elements. 

pulse and movements can sound and look different...'

    InsideOut focuses on human data transmissions, which is understood as the activity that takes place in the body, here specifically the heartbeat. By these activities waveforms are created, which under normal circumstances are not to be seen – only with some electronic measurement instruments (e.g. medical equipment). Here media art twists these terms and an installation-performance is taking place, where the performer is exposed to an audience and is influenced by the overall situation.
    The performing body is equipped with a wearable that is able to transmit her heart rates. These data are processed into visualizations and sounds – in forms of visual and acoustic landscapes. 

    In the overall setting the visitors act as spectators, but also function as indirect and active participants. This is reflected in the sense that the performer plays along with her audience, and thus she is influenced. The audience is introduced to a platform that is able to make them sense the internal transmissions via other senses than usual, since the transmissions expressed audiovisually and fill the entire room.
    A feedback loop is then to happen in form of a circuit of influences, as bodies and environment keep continuously affecting on one other.

    Materials and technology:

    2 computers running MaxMSP and vvvv
HRMI belt and microcontroller

    6 projectors
stereo contact microphone sewed in pillow
audio mixer

    PA system with subwoofer
white fabric surfaces for projections

    double bed