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  1. title: FOREST

    keywords: responsive environment, multimodal, multisensory experience, experience design, interaction design, fear, arts and health

    Forest is a collaboration project between Edit E Vizer and Sandro Masai, and designed within the frames of the Art and Technology BA-study, Aalborg University.
    The piece was displayed as part of the Mediart exhibitions at Aalborg Hospital in the period of June-July 2011.

    The responsive environment Forest operates with visual, auditive and tactile perception, and in general focuses on the overall experience of the users. It also looks upon some characteristics of an interactive system, and examines some aspects of arts and health, which is the main theme behind the installation. 

The Forest itself is a large scale sense-universe where humans are engaged and exposed to an environment that is sensitive to its users. Responsiveness is changing over time and is dependent of the user's participation. The interactors are also influenced by emotional and other psychological triggers by the transformation that the forest produces.

    The conceptual idea behind the piece is facing one's fears. It can be hard to accept the fact and the possible consequences of a certain illness [of one's own or of a relative], and it also can be hard to overcome fear and welcome the will of getting well and fight against mentally.

    The step that one has to make is a hard choice. The forest stands as a universe of mystery, uncertainty and the unknown. Once one made the first step and got into the unordinary forest, a range of the system characteristics are welcoming and guide the user through an adventurous transformation.

    Materials and technology:
    various sorts of fabric

    DIY piezo contact microphones built in textile materials, cloths covered mini speakers
    sound card with pre-amp, headphone amp, projector, computer, cables
    Parallax X-band motion detector sensors, Arduino microcontroller, LEDs and other small electronic components
    coding in Arduino and MaxMSP