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  1. Even though self intimacy is something that is relatively simple to attain, it has become a hardly attainable phenomenon in today’s over-paced, material-oriented and technology-driven society, in which a body almost only is experienced as a part of a large universal network of information flux that receives, processes and transmits information.
    Therefore I wish to explore the domain of self intimacy as a way of reconfiguring the conditions for the self and its awareness.

    I dedicate my master thesis project to the above mentioned, and I wish to approach this problem through a constructive design research process, and conduct a series of designerly experiments in order to gain new knowledge on how self intimacy can be defined, captured and how the experience of such an immaterial phenomenon can be prototyped / materialized.

    I frame my experiements in the domain of sonic architectures and translucent physical materials to be studied with the methods of an interaction designer.