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      Pictures by IxDLab

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    Explorations in temporal form is a collaborative research project that I have been contributing to during my internship at IxDLab at the IT University of Copenhagen in 2014.

    from IxDLab's website:

    If interaction design as a form-giving practice comprise the there form elements: physical form, temporal form, and interaction gestalt the temporal form element is by far the lesser understood.

    The temporal form (in interaction design) can be seen as the pattern of the state changes that the computer will produce. It can be a recursive algorithm, it can be simultaneous, asynchronous, carry meaningful information, be random, etc. The computations become something we give form—temporal form.

    In this project we begin to explore the expressional qualities of temporal forms. Through a series of design experiments, we investigate the relation between simplified compositions of states and transitions and how they can become expressions through light and different kinds of movements. We aim to identifying some of the qualities of temporal forms as means to grasp on this immaterial form component.

    Project team:

    Anna Vallgårda, research concept owner
    Morten Winther Larsen
    Nina Mørch Pedersen
    Edit Emese Vizer