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  1. Enclosed mini synth

    Enclosed mini synth

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      Enclosed mini synth

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      Mini synth w/ textile sensors

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      Textile sensors, closeup

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      Fabricating the sensors using conductive paint

    • 5

      Sound circuit tests w/ paper sensors

    • 6

      Final tests of sound circuit

    title: KVADRAT

    keywords: sound, analog synthetizer, textile sensors, low-tech, musical interface, tactility, playfulness

    Kvadrat is the result of a series of technical and material experimentations, and it is a simple and playful musical instrument.
This individual mini project was made within the frames of the Interaction Design MA Programme in the Kolding School of Design.

    Kvadrat is also a search for potentials of combining soft and hard materials in the world of electronics and electronic music; and it is an attempt of reminding its users of the significant aspects of the 'play and feel'. A.K.A. engagement via playful and tactile (learning) experiences. 
Creators of new musical interfaces nowadays tend to turn to high-tech innovative solutions, often requiring heavy musical skills and/or technical skills of some kind. Kvadrat takes a (or a few) steps back, and shows an alternative from a very low-fi and easily approachable perspective. Either the creation or the application of Kvadrat requires any overwhelming pre-knowledge – though it requires a sense of playfulness and a certain curiosity. 
    This little instrument invites its user to play on its textile sensor platform, for instance by adding pressure and bending as he pleases – and allows the body to perform intuitively.

    Materials: electronic components, wire, metal poppers, industrial felt, conductive ink, small speaker, battery, wooden box

    Fabrication: lasercutting, sewing, circuit design