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  1. Edit E. Vizer (H) is a socially conscious thinker-maker, and a communication designer with a specialization in designing innovative and human-centered interactions and experiences.
    Plus a researcher and educator with a critical, analytical and playful mindset and an interdisciplinary toolkit. 

    She works on research-centered projects focusing on human factors, the experiential, the behavioural and other relevant socio-cultural changes – be it any context where users of some kind are involved. Her domains of interest cover work in the field (contact to real users), the lab (doing experiments) and sometimes the gallery. Vizer does explorations of the potentials of physical materials and technologies, and with the involvement of narratives and theoretical inquiry. 

    Edit E. Vizer
    Born (1984) in Budapest (H) where she currently is based.

    2015  MA Interaction Design, Kolding Design School
    2012  BA Art and Experience Technology, Aalborg University
    2008  MA final certificate in Media and Communication Studies, ELTE University
    (specialization in Television Production and Written Media)
    2008  MA final certificate in MA Scandinavian Studies, ELTE University
    (specialization in Danish Language and Literature)


    Feel free to contact me. Inquiry of all kinds are very welcome. 

    contact [at] editvizer [dot] net